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Our Children’s Outpatients Department offers a range of clinics to treat children and young people from birth to age 19 with a variety of different conditions and provides individual support for families.

Children and young people come to see us for lots of different reasons. You may have been admitted to hospital and need to see us to make sure that you are still getting better, or your GP may have asked us to see you.

We run specialist clinics for children with autism, diabetes, epilepsy and allergies. We also see children and young people with development problems, a disability or children who need special blood tests that can’t be carried out by their GP.

Being an outpatient means you will have to come to the hospital to see one of our specially trained doctors for children and young people. You may have to come and visit us a few times but you won’t have to stay overnight.

How to access the service

You can be referred by our hospital team, your GP, a nurse or another health professional.

We run clinics in health centres, hospitals, nurseries, schools across Northumberland and North Tyneside

Our doctors work closely with other health professionals such as nurses or therapists, as well as social workers and teachers.

Allergy Service

For our allergy service, click here to find out more information.


Some people find it useful to think about the things they would like to discuss ahead of their appointment. Click here for our top tips leaflet on how to prepare for appointments.

At your appointment if you are 12 and over we will also:

  • Offer you time to speak to our doctors alone, if you would like a bit of time to speak without your parent(s) or carer(s) in the room
  • Talk about confidentiality and how we use the important information you share with us and take your privacy seriously.
  • Ask you about your current health need(s) and also about healthy lifestyle, including exercise, diet, smoking and sex.

If you wish to cancel change or cancel an appointment call 0344 811 8118.

Online Consultation

Where appropriate you may be asked to attend a consultation online via a video call.

Rather than travelling to your appointment, you go into the clinic’s online ‘waiting area’. We will be notified when you arrive and your clinician will join you when ready

You don’t need to set up an account and no information you enter is stored.

If you have been given an online appointment please click on the following link to start the consultation at your appointment time – online consultation

Preparing for adulthood

If you have a long term condition from about the age of 14 years we will talk about the process of preparing, planning and moving from children’s to adult services.

We understand that moving away from a team of doctors and nurses that you have been with for many years can be scary but hopefully, by getting involved in the transition process, you will feel more confident and happier about the move.

We will discuss with you and your parents/carers who will be your doctor(s) when you are an adult and make sure you know how to get support when you need it and your new doctors are aware of your needs.

Depending on your individual needs your care may change. We will make sure you are involved in this decision. This may be provided by

  • a Young Person’s/Young Adults’ Clinic
  • an adult services hospital doctor
  • Your GP

For some young people this will happen when they are 16 years old, and some a little older. All our young people will be start using adult services before they are 20 years old.

Contact us

Getting in touch with our paediatricians is easy.

North Tyneside General Hospital

Telephone – 0191 2932521

Wansbeck General Hospital 

Telephone – 01670 564030

Hexham General Hospital 

Telephone – 01434 655395

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