We treat people with differing health needs, from health promotion activities and cooking sessions to those requiring help to manage their weight (both to lose weight and to gain weight) through to people who are unable to eat because of a medical condition.

Our dietitians are qualified to give accurate advice and information on your nutrition and diet. They are able to give tailored, practical advice specific to you and your condition and will ensure you receive the most appropriate nutrition at the right time.

The team consists of adult and children’s dietitians and nutrition nurse specialists and we are supported by nutritionists, dietetic assistants and food and health workers.

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Clinics are held at various sites including our general hospitals in Hexham, North Tyneside and Wansbeck as well as in the community hospitals. We also run clinics from various health centres and GP surgeries.

We undertake home visits for those who are registered housebound. In addition to this, our dietitians assess and treat people on the hospital wards who are referred by the ward team.

If you would like to see a dietitian, your GP or consultant can refer you to us.

Your care

As well as one to one consultations, we deliver a variety of educational sessions to patients, carers and other health professionals including cardiac rehabilitation and pulmonary rehabilitation sessions.

We are a teaching department and regularly have dietetic students with us. If you would prefer not to have a student present in your consultation please inform the department.

You may be seen by one of the following teams:

Adult service (clinical team)

We work across the hospital wards providing assessment and advice to people with a variety of complex clinical conditions. If you are admitted to one of our hospitals and have difficulty eating or need a specific diet or advice, the ward staff will refer you to us. A dietitian will see you on the ward and ask you questions about your eating and medical history to allow an individualised plan to be made.

We will liaise with the catering department to ensure you are able to meet your nutritional needs whilst in hospital.

The adult team also looks after those people who need additional dietary monitoring and support on discharge from hospital in out patient clinics or home visits. This can include patients requiring artificial nutrition support and those on nutritional supplements.

We also have dietitians who are specialised in weight loss (bariatric) surgery and work alongside the surgical team involved in the assessment of people seeking weight loss surgery and advising on the appropriate diet before and after surgery on an individual and group basis.

Diabetes dietitians

The diabetes dietitians work within the diabetes specialist service to advise patients on the nutritional management of type 1 and type 2 diabetes including weight & lipid management.

Team members also work in an extended role advising on medication and insulin adjustments.

We also deliver structured group education programmes to assist those starting on insulin, weight management and deliver nationally recognised diabetes patient education groups (DAFNE and DESMOND).

Children’s service (paediatric)

Our paediatric dietitians specialise in the nutritional care of infants, children and adolescents in hospital and in various community settings e.g. clinics (including joint feeding clinics), ward, home or school setting.

The role of the paediatric dietetic team includes:

  • Providing nutritional support e.g. for children with neurological disorders, premature infants
  • Nutritional assessment/targeting of specific nutrients e.g. iron for those who are anaemic
  • Offering advice for those children who are slow to gain weight
  • Advice to those who are overweight/ obese
  • Offering advice on therapeutic diets e.g. diabetes, coeliac disease
  • Behavioural feeding advice for autistic children or those who are selective eaters
  • Dietary advice for children/teenagers with an eating disorder and their parents/carers

Community dietetic team

The community team's work aims to reduce the numbers of children who are overweight or very underweight. The team includes dietitians, community nutritionists and food and health workers, working in partnership with numerous external agencies.

This service is delivered from numerous community venues such as children’s centres and includes family intervention programmes, cooking groups and training for professionals.

The community team work out of Sir GB Hunter Memorial Hospital in Wallsend and Blyth Community Hospital.

Nutrition nurse specialists

The nutrition nurse specialists work closely with the dietitians throughout the trust, providing support in aspects of nutritional care on the hospital wards and co-ordinating nutritional care with nursing care in general.

We offer education and practical guidance and support to patients and their carers including those who need artificial/tube feeding.

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For general enquiries or appointments please call: 0344 811 8111 & ask for the team and hospital site you wish.