Summary of team:

We are a team of Frailty practitioners and consultants, who’s primary aim is to swiftly assess frail older people who attend the Emergency department at The Northumbria hospital, conducting comprehensive geriatric assessments, implementing treatments plans and ensuring these individuals are moved to the right place first time for their ongoing care needs.

Further Information

We are happy to discuss patients with community services and GP’s. We are also keen to be made aware of any frail patients who are being sent to The Northumbria hospital, who we can help expedite their assessment process through the Emergency department to their preferred place of care.

The Northumbria hospital emergency department and acute wards.

All frail older persons with:

  • Falls
  • Acute confusion/Delirium
  • Chronic cognitive impairments and progression of dementia’s
  • Parkinson’s disease

Community services and GP’s can contact us on the contacts below to discuss cases, following which the team can help sign post to appropriate services or arrange acute admission and assessment in The Northumbria hospital.

FAS Consultant: 0191 6072860

Practitioner: 0191 6072822 / 0191 6072828