We are committed to ensuring that we provide the best care possible for our local people. It should be provided in the right place, whatever a person's stage in life.

We know there is always room for improvement. We are setting our plans for the next few years. We use the clinical strategy to set out what this looks like.

Watch this short video which explains a bit more about the strategy.

We want to hear your feedback on several key priorities.  To make this as easy as possible, we will focus on two priorities each month. 

Please take the time to read through each priority below. Let us know your views at haveyoursay@northumbria-healthcare.nhs.uk

Image shows emergency department reception at  Northumbria Specialist Hospital

  • We want to save our emergency department for life-threatening problems. There are other services available for people seeking care. Getting this right will reduce emergency department attendances. 
  • Some people spend time in emergency care who shouldn't. We think they would have a better experience in a different environment. Our plans will focus on making planned access to a specialist easier.
  • Some things that we think might lead to people attending our emergency department incorrectly are:

- The ability to access healthcare services at a time that suits them

- The ability to access healthcare services in a place that works for them

- Knowing where to go in their area to access healthcare services when needed

  Image shows two consultants reviewing patient list

  • We are considering how we can reduce waiting times for appointments and tests. This will mean patients are seen quicker by specialist teams in a planned way.
  • We are looking at how we reduce the number of appointments needed to see a specialist / to have tests. This will save time and ensure specialist treatment is provided sooner.
  • To help us, you might consider how:

- When you access healthcare services, do you feel like the care you receive is tailored to you as an individual?

- When needed, do you receive advice, care and support from an appropriate healthcare professional who can deal with your needs?