How the Tobacco Dependency Treatment Service can help you

Smoking can seriously damage your health and harm your chances of a quick and successful recovery. If you’re a patient who smokes, we’re here to help as part of your stay in hospital. The NHS Tobacco Dependency Treatment Service offers a full range of treatment and care to help you manage your tobacco dependency and support your quick recovery.

There’s never been a better time

Our NHS recognises the harms of smoking which is why all hospitals across the North East and North Cumbria now provide treatment for tobacco dependency to any patient who smokes, as part of their hospital care. All hospitals in the North East and North Cumbria are now completely smoke-free, which means no smoking anywhere on our hospital sites. This is really important to give you the best chance of recovery. The good news is there are now very good treatments available to help you manage your dependency while you are in hospital and if you wish to stop smoking long term.

With the right support, you’re more likely to succeed

If you’re a patient who smokes, we’re here to help. The Tobacco Dependency Treatment Service can help improve your recovery whilst in hospital and after you leave. If you decide that now’s the time to stop, you’re in good company; more and more smokers in the North East are now taking their first steps towards stopping whilst in hospital. With our help and support, you’re much more likely to stop successfully.

Our 4 step guide

Let’s take a closer look at the support available to you. Here’s our 4 step guide of what to expect when you come into hospital:

1. We’ll start with a chat and ask you if you smoke, as part of our routine health check when you arrive.

2. If you do smoke, you’ll be offered nicotine replacement products to help manage any cravings or withdrawal symptoms.

3. A member of our onsite Tobacco Treatment Team will visit you and discuss the treatment options and support available to you.

4. We will work with you to agree a treatment plan for your stay in hospital. If you want to stop longterm, we can arrange and provide ongoing support and medication for when you go home. You can opt-out if you do not wish any further support.

While you’re in hospital

When you arrive in hospital you will now be asked a few questions about whether or not
you smoke, what you smoke and how often, so we can understand how best to manage your
tobacco dependency. A Tobacco Treatment Advisor will work with you to develop your own treatment plan, offering you advice and support as part of your care. Nicotine replacement products such as patches, lozenges and inhalers are highly effective and will help with any cravings during your hospital stay. These will be available on all our wards and will be provided to you during your stay. The Tobacco Treatment Advisor will work with you to discuss the best products and medication for you. On the day you leave hospital, you will be provided with two weeks’ supply of nicotine replacement products to support your recovery.

Once you leave hospital

Stopping smoking completely at any stage of life is the best thing you can do for your health. If you choose to stop longterm, support will be available to you, even after you leave. The Tobacco Treatment Advisor will arrange for you to continue to receive free support and nicotine replacement products or other stop smoking medications when you go home. This may be through your community stop smoking services or through your local pharmacy. This means you will be fully supported with access to medication and the specialist advice you need for up to 12 weeks after you leave hospital.

If you smoke, the single most important thing you can do to improve your health and chances of a successful recovery is to stop. Getting the right specialist support is now part of your treatment in hospital.

 Dr Ruth Sharrock
North East Respiratory Consultant

Now’s the time

Ask any member of staff about the Tobacco Dependency Treatment Service or email to find out more about what support is available to you.