You might be referred to a general medicine clinic if your symptoms or test results do not initially tell us that one specific problem exists (for example with your heart, lungs or bowel etc) or if you have a number of separate conditions that you need one consultant to look at together and give you an overview.

Common problems seen at this clinic include sweating, weight loss, tiredness/lethargy, dizziness, abnormal blood tests (such as some anaemias).

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Accessing the service

Sometimes the information your GP gives us in your referral letter will suggest to us that you are better seen by another service.  We will contact you to let you know if this is the case and we will organise this. For example, patients we suspect of having chronic fatigue syndrome are best assessed by the specialist regional service based in Newcastle.


Clinics run in three of our hospitals:
    •    Blyth Community Hospital - with Dr Morton
    •    North Tyneside General Hospital with Dr Richard Curless
    •    Hexham General Hospital Dr Paul Edmonds

Your care

You will be seen by a consultant physician or member of their medical team. The appointment will involve a consultation, physical examination and basic investigations such as blood tests, a heart tracing and an x-ray if necessary. Other tests may be organised at a later date, and may be at a different hospital.

You may also be referred to one of our other specialist colleagues if your symptoms/test results indicate this is necessary.

The team


  • Dr Richard Curless - Consultant Physician
  • Dr James Morton - Consultant Physician
  • Dr Paul Edmonds – Consultant Physician


  • Dr James Morton - 01670 529928

  • Dr Richard Curless - 0191 293 2793

  • Dr Paul Edmonds – 01434 655 648

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