Safeguarding adults and children is also known as ‘protection of vulnerable people from abuse, neglect, exploitation and risk’.

We take our safeguarding responsibilities very seriously and have dedicated safeguarding teams who work with our executive directors to promote an open and transparent service with our partner agencies. We strive to ensure that adults and children who use our services receive safe care, are treated with dignity and respect and are supported with timely and appropriate interventions.

We have designated professionals who take the lead on issues in relation to safeguarding. The team is made up of:

Executive leads

  • The Director of Nursing is the Executive Lead for Safeguarding Adults and Children.
  • The Deputy Director of Nursing for Safeguarding Adults and Children

The operational team

  • Safeguarding Manager for Adults and Children

Safeguarding adults:
• Professional lead for safeguarding adults for hospital services,
• Specialist district nurse/safeguarding lead for community services
• Professional lead/disability liaison nurse and
• Professional lead for mental capacity, deprivation of liberty and Mental Health Act

Safeguarding children:
• Named Specialist for Safeguarding Children
• Named Nurse for Safeguarding Children,
• Named Midwife,
• Two Designated Doctors
• Named doctor
• In addition there are nurse advisors who train, support and advise staff within the organisation

If you need further information about how we safeguard patients within the trust please contact our safeguarding teams (in office hours) on the numbers below:
Acute hospital services children and adults safeguarding team - 0191 2934212

  • North Tyneside children’s community safeguarding team - 0191 2196697
  • Northumberland children’s community safeguarding team - 01670 564052

If you have a concern about a vulnerable adult please contact social services on the numbers below:
Safeguarding adults social services team:

  • North Tyneside - 0191 6432777 (out of hours emergency number - 0300 1230812)                                      
  • Northumberland - 01670 536400 (out of hours emergency number - 0845 6005252)

If you have a concern about a child please contact social services on the numbers below:
Safeguarding children social services:

  • North Tyneside - 0191 6438418 (out of hours 0191 2006800)               
  • Northumberland teams
  • Wansbeck area - 01670 815060
  • Alnwick area - 01665 626830
  • Blyth - 01670 354316
  • Cramlington - 01670 712925
  • Hexham - 01434 603582
  • Berwick - 01289 334000
  • Out of hours - 0845 6005252