Some patients under the care of our trust may be contacted and offered support from the Waiting Well service.

Waiting Well is a service supporting patients who are waiting for planned surgery or treatment, such as knee and hip replacements.

There is lots of evidence to show that by taking some simple steps before your surgery or treatment to improve your fitness, diet and mental health, you can make a better and quicker recovery. It also reduces the risk of your treatment being cancelled because of you not being well or fit enough to have the operation.


I've been contacted by the Waiting Well team. How can they help me?

The Waiting Well team can help you find ways to stay healthier, or even improve your health, while you wait for your surgery. They will work with you to understand your needs and help come up with a plan to improve your overall health and prepare you for your planned surgery.

They can help you with ways to:

  • eat healthier
  • to stop smoking
  • to find appropriate exercises for you
  • drink less alcohol
  • find support to help with anxiety and sleep
  • and much more.


I am waiting for surgery but not been offered support from Waiting Well?

Not all patients who are waiting for surgery will be offered support from the Waiting Well team as this is determined on the level of help that a patient may need. You cannot refer yourself to this service.


Will this help me get my surgery faster?

Having support from the Waiting Well team will not mean that you will have your surgery sooner. However, if you are found to be too unwell or in a poor health condition where it may be unsafe to have surgery, you may have your surgery cancelled. This will cause further delay. This can be avoided by taking steps earlier to ensure you are in the best possible condition for your operation.


I have been contacted by the Waiting Well Team. Will there be a cost to me for their help?

The Waiting Well service is a service provided by the NHS and there is no cost to you.