We are always looking to improve the way we deliver patient care, and your feedback directly shapes these changes. Please see below for examples of how your complaints have directly resulted in improvements to our service.

Clinical support

  • Your feedback: “When attending for a biopsy, not enough information was given about the procedure.”
  • What we did: Created a new information leaflet outlining, in further detail, what the procedure entails and the associated risks


  • Your feedback: “An appointment letter was sent through to a relative who had recently passed away.”
  • What we did: There can be a delay in the patient’s GP notifying the hospital of the death of a patient. The Inquest Team, for the Trust, will now notify the Data Quality team of any deaths they are notified of via the inquest process


  • Your feedback: “I did not have a full understanding of gestational diabetes and was not aware of the severity of the condition.”
  • What we did: Produced a new leaflet to inform women of the risks of gestational diabetes during pregnancy and how this can impact them and their baby

Child health

  • Your feedback: “My child was distressed and upset while the healthcare professional was taking their bloods.”
  • What we did: Provided further education to our staff around distraction techniques when taking bloods to ensure the child is made to feel at ease


  • Your feedback: “There was a lack of communication around visiting arrangements and about a loved one’s care during the COVID-19 pandemic.”
  • What we did: A notice board has been put in place displaying the relevant up to date information including changes in services due to COVID-19, allowing staff to share updates more easily with the family of patients


  • Your feedback: “Lack of personal care during hospital admission.”
  • What we did: Devised a sticker which is being added to the daily care record which gives more detail about the level of care being offered to patients, such as showering, teeth cleaning and hair brushing to improve the recording of care provided and to assist in better communication with family members