Heart failure nurses work across Northumberland and North Tyneside providing care, advice, support, education and medication management to people who have been diagnosed with heart failure.

Anyone who is registered with a Northumberland GP and has been diagnosed with heart failure can be referred to the service by their GP, a community matron or a hospital medical team.

The service will respond to each patient’s needs on an individual basis.

Once you have been referred to the service, you will be contacted and, depending on your needs, either be invited to attend a clinic appointment or a heart failure nurse will arrange to visit you at home.

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Your care


When you meet a heart failure nurse they will begin by assessing your medical and social needs. They will take some measurements from you and talk a little more about what the service offers. The heart failure nurse may ask your permission to refer you for further tests or to see other health care professionals.

The heart failure nurse will be able to give you more information about your condition, the importance of your medication and offer you advice about how to lead a healthier lifestyle. After talking with you, the heart failure nurse will agree a plan with you to manage your condition. This care plan will be reviewed at each meeting.

After your appointment or visit

Following each meeting with a heart failure nurse, information will be passed on to your GP, detailing the discussion that has taken place and any medication or lifestyle changes that you agreed to. You will be offered a return appointment and a contact number for the nurse.  You may also be given more information or leaflets about the things discussed.

The team

The heart failure nurses work closely with all of the other community health and social care services professionals such as district nurses and GPs.

Location of service

At home or in clinics at your GPs surgery.

Useful links

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If you feel you would benefit from seeing a heart failure nurse, please contact your GP or district nurse.

For other queries about the service, please contact the service secretary on 01670 629 582 Monday to Friday between 9am - 5pm.