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Our Parkinson's service provides diagnosis and treatment of patients with movement disorders and tremors. There are many reasons why someone may develop some of these problems and Parkinson's Disease (PD) is only one of them - as a service we look after people with many other conditions resulting in movement problems or tremors which are not Parkinson's related.

Our Parkinson's nurse specialists work alongside our specialist consultants and provide physical, psychological, social and spiritual support to patients with the disease.

The service can be accessed through professionals including nurses, GPs, therapists and social workers who think someone is having mobility or movement problems or has developed a tremor.

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Your care

Once you have been referred to us, you may be seen by one of our Parkinson's nurse specialists who will see you in a nurse-led clinic to carry out an initial assessment. The Parkinson's nurse will be your named contact for advice and support.  Otherwise you may be asked to come to a clinic to see one of our doctors.

You will then see one of our doctors at the clinic of your choice. Once you have been assessed we may need to arrange for further investigations or tests before we can give you an accurate diagnosis.

If you are diagnosed with Parkinson’s, you will receive ongoing support, advice and information from the team. You will have regular appointments, according to your need, with your consultant or one of their team. You will also be given a telephone support number and be able to attend a Parkinson’s nurse-led clinic or receive a home visit if you have difficulties getting to the hospital. You can request further information regarding your symptoms and treatment from your nurse.

You may also be seen by other healthcare professionals such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists.


We hold clinics which are for both patients who are being seen for the first time and those that are continuing to receive care.  They are held in our three general hospitals and in most of our community hospitals as well as Ponteland Medical Practice and Haltwhistle Health Centre. You can come to the clinic nearest to where you live.

Consultant-led Parkinson’s clinics are held at:

  • North Tyneside General Hospital, every Wednesday afternoon
  • Wansbeck General Hospital, the first Tuesday of the month
  • Hexham General Hospital, the forth Tuesday of the month
  • Morpeth Cottage Hospital,  the second Tuesday of the month
  • Blyth Community Hospital, the third Tuesday of the month
  • Alnwick and Berwick Infirmary, the fourth Friday of the month
  • Rothbury Community Hospital, once every four months
  • Haltwhistle Health Centre, once every four months
  • Sir GB Hunter, Wallsend,  once every other month
  • Ponteland Medical Practice, once every four months

Nurse-led Parkinson's clinics are held at:

  • North Tyneside General Hospital every Thursday afternoon
  • Wansbeck General Hospital once a month on the third Wednesday afternoon
  • Hexham General Hospital once a month on the second Wednesday morning
  • Morpeth Cottage Hospital once a month on the third Friday morning
  • Byth Infirmary twice a month every first Friday afternoon and second Friday morning Alnwick Infirmary twice a month every second Tuesday afternoon and third Friday afternoon
  • Ponteland Medical Practice once every 3 months on a Wednesday


The treatment you receive will depend on your diagnosis. For each condition there are treatment options which we will discuss with you. For each medication we will go through potential benefits and side effects so you understand what you can expect from any treatments.

Your appointment

You may find it useful to write down some questions you want the consultant to answer and take these in with you. We encourage you to bring your partner or a family member along with you to the appointment.

If you need to change your appointment please contact us on 0191 293 4167 or on the telephone number provided on your appointment letter. Staff will be happy to help you re-arrange your appointment.

The team

The service is provided by three medical consultants, an associate specialist, a nurse consultant and four Parkinson’s nurse specialists.


  • Professor Richard Walker
  • Dr Brian Wood
  • Dr Liesl Allcock

Associate specialist

  • Dr Sylvia O'Hanlon
  • Dr Anke Wehrkamp

Nurse consultants / nurse specialists

  • Annette Hand - nurse consultant
  • Louise Robinson - Parkinson's nurse specialist
  • Catherine Jones - Parkinson's nurse specialist
  • Karen Ullyart - Parkinson's nurse specialist
  • Tina Mahan - Parkinson's nurse specialist

Patient support groups

Parkinson’s UK run support groups and your nurse will be able to provide you with contact details of a group in your area.

Useful links

Parkinson’s UK


If you have a question or concern please contact the central Parkinson’s Office on 0191 293 4167, Monday to Friday between 9am-5pm. There is a nurse on call for part of  each day who will be able to answer any question or query you may have or you will be able to leave a message for your named Parkinson’s nurse. If no one is in the office please leave your name, telephone number and a short message on the answering machine and a nurse will call you back.