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School nurses (sometimes known as public health school nurses) promote and protect the physical health and emotional wellbeing of children and young people who are of school age. We work in partnership with other agencies to ensure that children and young people grow up to be healthy, make the right choices about their health and to safeguard their welfare so they are protected from significant harm.

You don’t have to go to school to be able to see a school nurse, for example if you are too unwell to go to school or if you have been excluded from school.


Every local authority school or academy has their own school nurse. Many of the high schools also have a drop-in school nurse service.

We offer support and information to children, young people and their families on:
    •    Healthy eating
    •    Immunisations
    •    Emotional health issues such as anxiety, stress or depression
    •    Behavioural problems
    •    Child growth and development
    •    Continence (bed wetting)
    •    Sexual health
    •    Parenting support
    •    Smoking and substance misuse

We are based around Northumberland and provide appointments between 8.30am - 6pm in schools, GP surgeries and health centres.

Your school nurse and you

You don’t have to wait until your school nurse is in your school to see them.  We can visit you at home or invite you to see us at another location to suit you. 

When you talk to your school nurse you talk ‘in confidence’ which this means the school nurse will not talk about what you have said to other people or to your school.  However, if the school nurse is concerned about your safety, for example, if you say something that makes your school nurse think that you or someone else is in danger, the school nurse will have to tell somebody else.  The school nurse will tell you if they need to do this.

The team

You may be seen by school nurses who are qualified public health nurses, staff nurses and nursery nurses.


You can contact the school nurse service in North Tyneside and Northumberland through your school's secretary.

Additionally you can contact your nearest school nurse team direct to make an appointment at the following numbers:


  • Bedlington Medical Group, Bedlington - 01670 822695
  • Bondgate clinic, Alnwick - 01665 626718
  • Broomhill Health Centre, Wansbeck - 01670 761908
  • Child health centre, Wansbeck Hospital, Ashington - 01670 564048 
  • Compass House, Cramlington & Blyth - 01670 354316
  • Corbridge Health Centre, Hexham - 01434 636939
  • Haltwhistle Health Centre, Haydon Bridge - 01434 323366
  • Ponteland PCC, Ponteland - 01661 864581
  • Prudhoe Health Centre, Prudhoe - 01661 832512
  • Tweedmouth clinic, Berwick - 01289 356962

North Tyneside

  • Albion Road clinic - 0191 2196683/ 2196654 
  • John Willie Sams Centre (Dudley) - 0191 643 2866
  • Wallsend health centre - 0191 2952750 

You may be asked to leave a message on an answer machine.

Special schools

We have school nurses for special schools who are based in two locations in North Tyneside:

  • Woodlawn School Tel: 0191 6432597
  • Beacon Hill School Tel: 0191 6433010 / 3005

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