North Tyneside General Hospital

Ward Name / Number

Ward 22

Direct dial telephone number

0344 811 8111 ext. 32415

Location of ward

The ward is signposted at the main entrance, located next to ward 14. 

Type of ward

Stroke Rehab

Ward visiting times

Between 10am and 7pm for two nominated people for one hour which must be pre-booked

Are children welcome?

See above

Is there flexibility in visiting?

See above

Are the numbers restricted?

See above

Protected meal times

12noon-1pm and 5pm-6pm 

Time of consultant rounds

Tuesday 9am-12noon Thursday 9am-12noon

Mobile shop visiting times

Monday, Wednesday & Fridays

Ward Manager’s name

Jennie Locsin

When is the best time for relatives to contact the ward to check on patient?

Any time

Ward Perfomance