Hexham General Hospital

Ward Name / Number

Ward Two

Direct dial telephone number

01434 655450

Location of ward


The ward is located on the first floor.

Go up the main stairs, turn right then left.

Alternatively, enter the main lift and turn left then left - the ward is second on the right and is well sign posted.

Type of ward

General medicine

Ward visiting times

Between 1pm and 7pm

Are children welcome?

No under 12s

Is there flexibility in visiting?

There is flexibility for relatives of patients who are seriously ill or receiving palliative care, also for relatives travelling long distances to visit. Please speak to senior ward nursing staff to make arrangements.

Are the numbers restricted?

One nominated visitor per patient

Protected meal times

12pm - 1pm 5pm - 6pm Relatives are welcome to help the patient with their meal.

Time of consultant rounds

New patients will be reviewed by a consultant.

Mobile shop visiting times

Daily 10am Monday - Friday

Ward Manager’s name

Anne Bowman

When is the best time for relatives to contact the ward to check on patient?

After 10am. Avoiding meal times (unless helping the patient) and medication rounds would be appreciated. Medication rounds are 8am, 12pm, 6pm & 10pm, each taking at least one hour.

Ward Perfomance