Welcome to our video call clinic (Attend Anywhere). Please have your patient letter to hand, to help us get you to the right section. Your patient letter will highlight the specialty for your appointment – this will provide you with the information needed  to get you to the correct clinic. Once you have found the speciality on your letter (under Clinician and appointment time), please scroll down this page and select the correct one from the grid. In the next paragraph, you will also find some information on how our video call works. Please spend a few moments reading this information before you click on your speciality.

This is a virtual clinic you can link in to wherever you are. Please be reminded that this clinic is only for patients who have been invited to attend an online appointment. You will need internet access and the Google Chrome browserto enter the clinic.

  1. Click the “Start video call” button.
  2. You will then be taken to a virtual waiting room and music will play to show that you have successfully entered the room. Your clinician will know that you have arrived and you are waiting.
  3. When your clinician is ready to start the consultation, they will join you on the screen and the consultation will proceed exactly as if you are in a surgery or clinic room. Your clinician will be able to show you documents and resources, just as if you were sitting across a desk. If your clinician decides that a face to face appointment is necessary, this will then be arranged in the usual way.

Attend Anywhere is completely confidential and secure. Your call cannot be accessed by anyone else. Your clinician will be in a private room, just as if they were meeting you face to face.  We strongly advise you to plan your call so that you are in a quiet room too, so that you can hear everything that is said and to ensure that your privacy is protected. At the end of the consultation, an short questionnaire will appear on the screen, asking about your experience with Attend Anywhere. We welcome your feedback so please take a couple of minutes to complete it if you can. Attend Anywhere provides a real opportunity to improve services to our patients, reducing unnecessary travel and risks of delay due to weather or transport issues, and all comments are welcome.