Publish date: 14 September 2022

A graphic that says 'We join in the mourning for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, 1926 - 2022'.

As you will be aware, we are currently in a period of national mourning following the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II last week.

The Queen’s state funeral is taking place on Monday, 19 September, and the day has been designated a bank holiday.

At Northumbria Healthcare, we join in mourning the loss, but also want to honour our commitment to providing high-quality and timely care to patients.

Many patients are already booked into the system for Monday, so outpatient appointments, planned operations and other tests and procedures will be going ahead wherever feasible.

If you do not hear anything, please assume that your appointment or procedure will go ahead on Monday.

However, there may be situations where appointments cannot take place as planned and if this is the case, you will be contacted by us.

If you are unable to attend or have any other queries, please contact the number provided on your appointment letter or our appointments line on 0344 811 8118.

As usual, we will continue to operate a full emergency and urgent care service, but please use our services sensibly and think NHS 111 first.

Please ensure you have ordered your prescription and that you have other medicines that you may need. Pharmacies will have reduced access.