We're passionate about making sure every one of our patients has the best experience possible and that they feel valued and cared for.

We want to ensure people using our services are supported to make informed choices about their care or treatment and feel confident and in control. We expect that they will be listened to and treated with honesty, respect and dignity at all times.

We have what is seen as the most comprehensive patient experience programme in the NHS where we listen to the views of thousands of patients and visitors each year. This helps us better understand what we're doing right and what we need to improve, and we act on this feedback where we need to. We carry out:

  • Real-time surveys while people are still in our care so we can feedback to wards within 24 hours
  • Short questionnaires that patients complete just before they leave hospital
  • Detailed surveys sent after they have returned home to give a different perspective on their care

Experiences are measured on the things that we know matter most to our patients - consistency of care across the team, being treated with respect and dignity, how involved patients are in their care and the quality of their relationships with medical and nursing teams.

Our patient experience is one of the best in the NHS:

  • 99% of patients receiving care as an outpatient rated us as excellent, very good or good (Patient Perspective survey)
  • 96% of patients rated their care on our wards as excellent, very good or good (Patient Perspective survey)
  • Top 20% of trusts for patients in emergency care likely to recommend our care to family and friends (Friends and Family test).