We have one of the most comprehensive programmes of capturing patient experience in the whole of the NHS.

Our patients consistently rate us amongst the elite of the NHS when it comes to providing a top quality experience of care however we firmly believe there is always room for improvement.

Every year we collect the views of 50,000 patients so that we can really understand what matters most to them when they are at their most vulnerable and we openly share the feedback we get with our staff.

Part of our programme involves capturing real-time feedback from patients while they are still in hospital with responses shared openly with our frontline teams within 24 hours so that changes can be made straight away, where necessary. This is not to judge or criticise but to encourage our people to lead improvements and foster a positive mind-set to make things even better.

We expect everyone involved in our patients’ care to have the drive and desire to make things perfect and to deliver a standard of service nothing short of what they would be prepared to accept for their own loved ones – it’s quite simple really.