C-Card stands for Condom Card. It is a free and confidential service offering condoms to young people aged 13-24, regardless of gender or sexuality. C-Card is available at a variety of venues across North Tyneside and Northumberland. You do not need to be sexually active to access C-Card.

For advice and support on your sexual health, we provide free and confidential sexual health services in North Tyneside and Northumberland for anyone aged 13 and over. To find further information on this, click here.

To get a C-Card all you have to do is visit an outlet that offers full C-Card. A trained C-Card worker will register you to the scheme. Once you have your C-Card you can use it at any C-Card venue (full or repeat).

Click here for local outlets offering full c-card registrations.


C-Card is a confidential service, this means no information is passed on to anyone else. The only time we may have to talk to someone else is if we think you are at risk of harm but we would always try and talk to you before we did this.

Condoms are made of very thin latex (rubber) and are designed to act like a barrier to stop the transfer of fluids between partners. Latex-free condoms are also available. There two types of condom:

  • male condom (covers penis)
  • female condom (fits inside the vagina)

When used correctly during sex, condoms are the only type of protection that help prevent Sexually Transmitted Infection’s (STIs) and pregnancy.


If you have had condomless sex (sex without a condom) or a condom has split or come off, then it’s important to seek help as you may be at risk of pregnancy or STI’s. You may be able to prevent pregnancy by using emergency contraception within the first five days. There are two types of emergency contraception:

  • the emergency contraceptive pill (the morning after pill)
  • the intrauterine device (IUD)

For more information click here.

Some people don’t have any symptoms when they have an STI, so it is important you get tested whether you have symptoms or not. To make an appointment please call .0344 728 0554

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