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Palliative care unit

Wansbeck General Hospital
Ward Name / Number
Ward 16, Palliative Care Unit
Direct dial telephone number
Ward clerk - 01670 529960
Location of ward

First floor, opposite the special care baby unit. It is directly above café central by the south entrance.

Type of ward
Palliative care
Ward visiting times
Between 10am and 7pm - 1 nominated visitor and must be pre-booked, with evidence of a negative lateral flow test on arrival
What patients may need to know about the daily routine on the ward

Patients are encouraged to wash and do activities at a time that best suits them so there is no set daily routine. Families are encouraged where possible to bring in nightwear/clothes and toiletries.Medication rounds and meal times are predominantly 8am, pm, 5pm 10pm.

Are children welcome?
No under 12s - please speak to the nursing team
Is there flexibility in visiting?
Yes - please contact the ward before you travel
Are the numbers restricted?
Please speak to the nursing team
Protected meal times
12 noon-1pm and 5pm-6pm
Time of consultant rounds
Consultant rounds may vary but are mainly carried out on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
Mobile shop visiting times
A newspaper trolley comes around the unit most mornings.
Ward Manager’s name
Marie Duke
When is the best time for relatives to contact the ward to check on patient?
The unit can be contacted at any time.
Ward Perfomance