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Surgical Day Unit

North Tyneside General Hospital
Ward Name / Number
Surgical Day Unit
Direct dial telephone number
0191 293 2548
Location of ward

Central location along corridor from main entrance, beside endoscopy unit.

Type of ward
Day surgery
Ward visiting times
There are no visiting times in this ward due to the nature of the ward and type of patients. Please speak to the ward staff if you have any specific needs.
What patients may need to know about the daily routine on the ward

There is a lot of activity on the ward due to patients going to and from theatre, procedures on the ward and the discharging of patients from the day ward.

Are children welcome?
Access to children is restricted due to infection control. *Further information below.
Is there flexibility in visiting?
There is no formal visiting but speak to staff on the day unit, should the need arise.
Time of consultant rounds
N/A - consultants do visit, but this would usually be prior to theatre but it is not always necessary.
Ward Manager’s name
Lynne Maddison
When is the best time for relatives to contact the ward to check on patient?
The staff will inform you when the patient attends for procedure.
Additional Ward Notes

Access to children is restricted due to infection control and nature of the ward environment, however, it is recognised that patients attending for surgery may bring children to the area whilst relatives are dropping the patient off or when they are being collected.