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Kielder Unit, Redesdale Court

North Tyneside General Hospital
Ward Name / Number
Kielder Unit, Redesdale Court
Direct dial telephone number
Nurses station - 0191 293 1343 liaison nurse or occupational therapy - 0191 235 4900
Location of ward

Situated on the ground floor of Redesdale Court Care Home (Helen McArdle Care) within the grounds on North Tyneside General Hospital.

Type of ward
Rehabilitation/intermediate care for patients over 65 years old with cognitive problems.
Ward visiting times
Between 10am and 7pm - one nominated person and must be pre-booked, with evidence of a negative lateral flow test on arrival
What patients may need to know about the daily routine on the ward

The Kielder unit is a 15 bedded unit with single rooms and ensuite facilities. It provides a more social environment for patients, with communal lounge and dining areas.
Patients are expected to wear normal day clothing.

Are children welcome?
Are the numbers restricted?
One nominated visitor per patient
Protected meal times
12.30am - 1.30pm and 4.30pm - 5.30pm. Relatives are welcome to help the patient with their meal.
Time of consultant rounds
Thursday 2pm onwards.
Ward Manager’s name
Helen Johnson
When is the best time for relatives to contact the ward to check on patient?
Relatives can contact the ward during office hours to speak to the liaison nurse or occupational therapist. They can also phone the nurses station any time to speak to the nurse on duty.