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Ward 4

Hexham General Hospital
Ward Name / Number
Ward 4
Direct dial telephone number
01434 655445
Location of ward

Ward 4 is signposted from the main and east entrance and is located on the first floor of the new phase at Hexham General Hospital.

Type of ward
Stroke / rehabilitation and care of the elderly
Ward visiting times
Between 10am and 7pm - one nominated person and must be pre-booked, with evidence of a negative lateral flow test on arrival
What patients may need to know about the daily routine on the ward

The ward accommodates 30 patients and all rooms are single/en-suite.
Meals are served at approx:
Breakfast 7.30am-8am
Lunch 12-12.45pm
Evening Meal 5pm-5.45pm

Meals are ordered twice daily on the Hospedia system. Those requiring assistance or who have special dietary needs will have their meals served on a red tray (this is to highlight issues to staff)

Are children welcome?
No under 12s
Are the numbers restricted?
Only one nominated visitor per patient
Protected meal times
12-1pm 5pm-6pm Relatives are welcome to help the patient with their meal.
Time of consultant rounds
Monday and Thursday mornings
Mobile shop visiting times
Monday to Friday approx 11am.
Ward Manager’s name
Angela Dodds
When is the best time for relatives to contact the ward to check on patient?
After 10am following the medication rounds. *Further information below
Additional Ward Notes

There are numerous visitor parking spaces around the building and there is also access to some disabled parking bays.

Please speak to the ward directly if you have any queries regarding visiting.

We encourage the involvement of relatives and carers so please ask if you wish to be involved in aspects of care such as feeding.

During busy periods on the ward, such as early mornings, we encourage relatives/carers to keep telephone enquiries to a minimum. Therefore we ask that you nominate one person to contact the ward about the patient’s welfare, this person can then relay the information to other family members.

Ward Perfomance