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Synexus' North East clinical research centre celebrates one year anniversary

Tuesday, 21 July, 2015
Synexus’ North East clinical research centre celebrates one year anniversary

This month, Synexus’ North East Clinical Research Centre in Hexham is celebrating its one year anniversary. One year ago Synexus, the world’s largest multinational company dedicated to the successful recruitment and running of clinical studies, and Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust jointly opened the North East Clinical Research Centre at Hexham General Hospital.

The partnership is very exciting for UK clinical research as it is the first of its kind between a private company and the NHS and potentially signals a new way of working for the clinical trials sector, enabling UK patients access to new treatments and the UK clinical trials industry to remain competitive on the global stage.

By sharing services, skills and access to patients over the last year Synexus and Northumbria Healthcare have helped forge a successful partnership and it is hoped that this type of partnership between the NHS and private companies such as Synexus, will be replicated across the UK so that even more patients can benefit.

In its first year the North East Clinical Research Centre has gone from strength to strength and has been visited 3,750 times by local patients, a number of whom have been successfully enrolled onto various clinical studies in the following therapy areas – cholesterol lowering, cardiovascular, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, psoriasis and an ostomy pouch system.

Northumbria Healthcare has supported six of Synexus’ clinical studies so far through identifying and informing potentially eligible patients about the studies. One fifth of the total patients that Synexus has enrolled onto studies at the North East Clinical Research Centre have been identified in this way.

In addition, GPs in the North East have welcomed the opportunity to contribute to Synexus’ clinical studies and have also been helping identify suitable patients and informing them about the studies in a similar way. Synexus is currently working with 19 GP surgeries in the area to recruit patients in this way.

Kathryn Creighton, Centre Manager of Synexus’ North East Clinical Research Centre, commented “We are the first private organisation to conduct clinical research in the North East and in our first year we have been overwhelmed by the support we have received from local patients and their willingness to take part in our research, especially given that many of them travel some way to visit the centre. In the year since we opened we have over 2,500 local patients on our database thanks to them contacting us and expressing their interest in participating in clinical research. We look forward to continuing our success further in the coming year. Together we can help improve the health of future generations.”

Chris Price, consultant physician at Northumbria Healthcare, said: “Our partnership with Synexus has had a successful first year and we are very grateful for the support we have had from local patients and their families.

“As part of Northumbria Healthcare’s commitment towards improving the treatments available in the NHS, we look forward to creating more opportunities for our patients to take part in clinical trials should they wish to.”

Those who would like to find out more about the studies currently taking place at Synexus’ North East Clinical Research Centre should either visit or contact Synexus’ North East Clinical Research Centre on 01434 719019.