You may benefit from the support of your local stop smoking service...

Getting support and advice from your local stop smoking service will mean you are three times more likely to succeed at quitting. Our friendly service provides free stop smoking support in all areas.

You can choose between telephone appointments, a virtual clinic by video link or one to one support in our clinics. When asked if they would recommend the service, 9 out of 10 smokers who have used a local stop smoking service say they would. Below are just some of the ways the service can help…

  • Specialist support to suit you – Developed by experts and ex-smokers, and delivered by professionals, your local stop smoking service provides advice, support and encouragement to help you stop smoking for good. 1 to 1 support allows your advisor to work more closely with you. This enables particular issues to be tackled at each session. Even if you’re just thinking of stopping, 1 to 1 sessions can help you set a quit date. After that you can choose how often to see or speak to your advisor.
  • Varenicline (Champix) is available from the service. This is a medication that reduces cravings for nicotine by blocking the rewarding and reinforcing effects of smoking which take place in the brain and helps to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) is available through the stop smoking service, which is either free or for the cost of a prescription.



E-cigarettes are around 95% less harmful than smoking, so could be a great way to help you kick the habit. The stop smoking service can support you to stop smoking even if you wish to continue using an e-cigarette and can also support you to stop using an e-cigarette if that is what you choose. Using an e-cigarette together with help from your local stop smoking service can give you a high chance of success. In 2018-19, two-thirds of smokers who did so managed to stop smoking. E-cigarettes aren’t currently available from stop smoking services and can be purchased from specialist vape shops or some pharmacies.
Support from pharmacies and GP surgeries

You can also get one to one support, nicotine replacement therapy and Varenicline (Champix) from NHS stop smoking services in many pharmacies and GP surgeries. Use the search option below to find your nearest service or click on ‘chat’ for more information.


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