Quality & safety

    • Keeping patients safe from infection
    • Keeping patients safe from infection

High quality care

Delivering high quality care is our passion and the safety of our patients is our top priority. 

We have a strong track record in delivering high quality care and consistently perform in the top 20% of hospitals when considering the safety and effectiveness of the care we provide and the experiences our patients have.
We continually achieve the highest outcomes when being assessed by NHS independent regulators such as Monitor, the Care Quality Commission and the NHS Litigation Authority (NHSLA).
Our ambition is to provide world-class care and operate in the top 10% of trusts in England.

Keeping patients safe

    • Caring for patients

We lead by example in keeping our patients safe - our Board of directors has been awarded for their commitment to the safety of our patients. 

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Listening to patients

    • We listen to the views of thousands of our patients every year

We listen to the views of thousands of patients every year to see how we can improve.

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