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Consultant Profile

Ms Kelly Henderson

Enhanced recovery nurse specialist and stoma nurse

Kelly's area of specialty is in enhanced recovery and stoma care. She was the first enhanced recovery nurse specialist in the region and is the lead specialist nurse in enhanced recovery for Northumbria Healthcare.

Kelly’s role focuses on ensuring that patients make as quick a recovery as possible after surgery, looking after them before and after surgery. Additionally Kelly also cares for stoma patients, providing counselling for them. She follows up patient care once they have been discharged from hospital by visiting them at home.

Kelly has worked for Northumbria Healthcare since qualifying at Northumbria University 14 years ago.


Kelly runs nurse-led clinics weekly for stoma care and bowel dysfunction and sees patients at Wansbeck General Hospital, Alnwick and Berwick infirmaries and Blyth Community Hospital. Henderson, Enhanced recovery and stoma nurse specialist.JPG