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Consultant Profile

Mr Simon Fay

Consultant podiatric surgeon

Mr Fay specialises in foot surgery, carried out under local anaesthetic as a day case procedure.

He focuses predominantly on forefoot surgery with a special interest in Hallux valgus and hallux limitus (stiff big toe) lesser metatarsal surgery, digital deformity and soft tissue pathology.

Originally from Manchester, Mr Fay studied podiatry at University College, Salford, graduating in 1987. He progressed to specialist podiatric surgical training in East Anglia, achieving a fellowship in Podiatric surgery in 1996 and completion of specialist surgical training in 2001. As the clinical lead in Ipswich podiatric surgery department, he assisted with developing podiatric surgery services in Suffolk. Mr Fay then went on to spend two years in Canada developing podiatric surgery locally, improving access to musculo-skeletal podiatry and minor surgery.

Mr Fay is a fellow of the Directorate of Podiatric Surgery, of the Society of Podiatrists and has presented at local, regional and international conferences. He is currently studying for an MSc award.

Mr Fay was appointed to Northumbria in 2011, after holding additional consultant posts in the west midlands and east Kent.


Mr Fay sees patients at North Tyneside General hospital and Alnwick Infirmary as well as Ponteland Medical Group and Morpeth NHS Centre.