After You Leave

You may need some additional help to get home from hospital, or help while you are at home.  You may find it useful to know more about:
Transport home

If possible you should arrange for someone to come and pick you up to take you home from hospital when you are being discharged. The ward staff will be able to give you a time when you are likely to be discharged. If you are unable to make your own transport arrangements, please tell a member of the ward staff who will make arrangements for you.


Help at home

We provide a range of services in the local community in a variety of settings including your own home, your GP practice, in a primary care centre, or in venues such as schools. These include services such as community and district nursing, podiatry, health visiting, equipment loan, rehabilitation, public health and sexual health services. 

We also provide social care support in Northumberland in partnership with Northumberland County Council if you need help to live independently at home. This includes help with day-to-day tasks, support to take part in social, leisure or educational activities in the community and support to give family members or friends who usually provide you with care a break.  

Most people have to pay a contribution towards the cost of their social care services, but people would not be expected to pay more than they can afford based on their income and savings. The amount will depend on your financial circumstances.

Advice and information is available to everyone even if they are not eligible for funding. Please view our section on adult social care services to find out what can be arranged.

Special requirements
Please let us know if you need any extra assistance. For instance we can help if you, or someone you know, needs a translator or uses sign language.
Advocacy services
There may be times when you need help to express your views and concerns or to get things done. An advocate can support you to access information on aspects of your care and treatment and to access health services. They act on your instructions, can accompany you to appointments with health professionals and help you plan and speak up for yourself. 
We don't provide advocacy services ourselves but we work with local organisations who provide confidential services free of charge: 
In Northumberland, Spiral Skills are available from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. You can contact them on 0191 271 5353, email
Independent Advocacy North Tyneside can be contacted on 0191 259 6662, by email at or visit
Caring for carers
If you are providing regular care for a relative or friend you may find that you need some help yourself. The kind of help we can offer includes arranging someone else to look after the person you are caring for to give you a break, or putting you in touch with other carers to share experiences. You will need to undergo a carer’s needs assessment - find out more
Local support groups
North Tyneside Local Involvement Network (LINk) has developed a directory of local support groups which offer advice and support to people leaving hospital. The directory lists groups in the North Tyneside area and some national organisations which support local groups or offer online information. View the directory here
Benefits advice
You may be entitled to certain benefits if you are ill or if you are a carer. You can find more information at:
For information about local services which can provide advice and support please contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) free on 0800 032 0202.
Looking after yourself
There are plenty of ways that we can help you to keep healthy, from stopping smoking to keeping active and healthy eating. Please take a look at our healthy living section for more information.