Our gynaecology service deals with women’s healthcare, particularly the diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting reproductive health.

Your care

You will come to one of our clinics for an initial consultation where your consultant will decide what, if any, test or treatment you may need.  These clinics cover a wide range of issues including:

  • Abnormal bleeding or smears
  • Emergency gynaecology clinics
  • Menopause
  • Suspected gynaecological cancers
  • Pelvic pain
  • Urinary problems
  • Fertility treatments
  • Family completion
  • Termination of pregnancy
  • Prolapse

You may have problems in early pregnancy such as bleeding and pain, require contraceptive advice or be experiencing other menstrual problems which require semi-urgent help and advice. Specialist care can be provided in one of our nurse-led emergency gynaecology clinics for early pregnancy problems; the other problems may be dealt with in this clinic, however an alternative clinic may be deemed more appropriate to your needs. 

If you have symptoms that suggest your problem may be related to cancer at all, you may be asked to come to a rapid access clinic at one of our general hospitals. This allows us to quickly diagnose and manage gynaecological cancers. You should be able to have all the necessary investigations carried out during this clinic.

If you need to have a procedure or operation it is likely that you will come to one of our general hospitals.


Depending on what your consultant has diagnosed, there are a number of procedures or treatments we offer that you may have. These may include:


This procedure allows your consultant to look at your cervix with a microscope. To open the passage of your vagina, a speculum will be inserted, which is the same as your GP or practice nurse used when taking your smear. The microscope does not go inside you. If treatment is required this can usually be undertaken under local anaesthetic within the clinic. Often this might be at the first visit.

Abnormal uterine bleeding clinic

You may be referred to this clinic if you have menstrual disorders. If appropriate, the following investigations may be carried out in a single appointment - an ultrasound scan of the pelvis, an examination of the uterine cavity (hysteroscopy) and a sample from the lining of the womb. Some treatments can be undertaken or commenced at the first visit, such as the insertion of an intrauterine system called Mirena. If you need to have surgery the options will be discussed with you and may include endometrial ablation, abdominal or vaginal hysterectomy or laparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy.

Rapid access clinic

If gynaecological cancer is suspected, you will be seen at this clinic within two weeks from you being referred. Investigations at the clinic will enable rapid diagnosis and an early treatment plan or reassurance there is no evidence of cancer. If appropriate, the following investigations may be carried out in a single appointment - ultrasound scan of the pelvis, examination of the uterine cavity, blood tests and sampling of the lining of the womb.

If a gynaecological cancer is diagnosed some can be surgically treated at Wansbeck or North Tyneside general hospitals. Our close relationship with Queen Elizabeth Hospital's regional gynaecological oncology centre enable more complex cases to be rapidly seen there and operated on within a short time.

Cystometry clinic

This nurse-led clinic deals with problems of urinary incontinence. You may have already had treatment from our physiotherapists, but if the problem persists the investigations undertaken at this clinic allow a more definitive diagnosis to be made. Medical treatment or referral to physiotherapy can be made from this clinic. If surgery is required, this can often be undertaken as a day case procedure (insertion of a retropubic tape).

Termination of pregnancy clinic

This clinic allows the opportunity to discuss your options regarding an unplanned pregnancy. An ultrasound scan is offered to establish how many weeks pregnant you are.

If it is felt that you need further psychological counselling, you will be referred to the women's health psychology team. If termination of pregnancy is the requested outcome, this can be arranged promptly. Surgical procedures are offered up to 12 weeks into pregnancy and medical procedures up to 18 weeks.

Pessary clinic

If you have had a vaginal prolapse you may be offered surgical treatment. For some women however treatment with a vaginal pessary may either be more appropriate or preferred. A nurse-led clinic is available for replacement of pessaries at Wansbeck, Hexham or North Tyneside general hospitals.

We also have a team of physiotherapists at our general hospitals who specialise in women’s health who can help with issues during and after pregnancy or after breast surgery.

The team

A team of specialist gynaecology nurses work alongside our consultants at our three general hospitals.

Consultant obstetrician and gynaecologists:

  • Mr Jonathan Brady
  • Mr James Forsey
  • Mr Paul Franks
  • Mr Mamdouh Guirguis
  • Mr Martin R Lawrence
  • Mr Richard Sill
  • Mr Tony Sproston
  • Dr Vinita Raheja
  • Dr Gulsanga Afridi
  • Dr Nalini Munjuluri
  • ​Dr Malini Shivanath


You can contact the gynaecology service through our switchboard 0344 811 8111.

If you need urgent medical advice at night or the weekend, there are out of hours contact numbers for services. In an emergency dial 999.

Your appointment

If you need to change your appointment please call 0344 811 8118 where one of our patient care advisors will help you re-arrange you appointment.

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