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Contraception is used to prevent unplanned pregnancies.

There are many options available to prevent a pregnancy, as well as condoms to protect you from both pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). Different types of contraception suit different people and different lifestyles.

Contraception is free for everyone aged 13 and above.

The most common forms of contraception are:

Condoms – The male condom goes over the penis, the female condom goes inside the vagina

Pills – These are usually taken every day

Injection – This is in the bottom and lasts up to 14 weeks

Implant – This is placed under the skin of the arm and last 3 years

IUD/IUS – These are small devices also knows as coils that fit inside the womb through the vagina and don’t require changing for 3-10 years

Visit NHS Choices to find out more about all of the options for contraception, so you can consider which one is right for you.

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