North Tyneside's Community Stoma Care Service provides information,support and advice to patients who are about to have or have had an operation resulting in a stoma (colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy)

A stoma is a section of bowel brought through an artificial opening that is made through the right or left side of a persons abdomen. A pouch (bag) is worn over the stoma to collect waste from the body.
The Community Stoma Care Service is available to any patient who has a stoma and is registered with a GP in North Tyneside regardless of where the surgery was carried out.
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Planned pre-operation visit

If you are having planned surgery in North Tyneside General Hospital and may require a stoma one of our community stoma nurses will contact you to arrange a visit at your home to provide pre-operation counselling, stoma education and talk through with you the best place for the stoma to be positioned

After the operation in hospital

Following your operation and formation of a stoma the hospital stoma nurse and ward nursing staff will teach you how to look after your stoma and how to change your stoma pouch (bag). Once you are able to care for your stoma and the surgical team decides you are medically fit, you will be discharged home.

Discharge home

When you are discharged home the community stoma care nurse will contact you to arrange a home visit to asses how you are managing with your new stoma.
The frequency of visits will reduce following assessment by the community stoma nurse as you progress through your recovery period.

Long term Care

You are encouraged to contact the community stoma care service if you have any problems with your stoma in the future.
The stoma care service offers annual reviews.


Nurse-led stoma clinics are held on various days of the month and at different locations.
You will need an appointment to attend one of the above clinics, which can be made by telephoning 0191 2828095.

The Team

Hazel Moore - stoma care nurse
Diane Thomson - stoma care nurse


Stoma Care Nurses
Victoria Therapy Centre
Hawkeys Lane 
North Shields
NE29 0SF
0191 2828095 (Monday to Friday 08.30-17.00)