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Tissue Viability Service

If you are being treated for a complex wound or might be at risk of developing wounds such as pressure damage or leg ulcers we will provide you specialist advice at our community hospitals, GP practices and in your home.

We are a nurse led service that provide advice and support to patients, carers, health care staff and allied health professionals who are caring for adults with complex wounds.

What is wound care and why is it important?

The skin is an organ like the heart or lungs. If it is damaged, then the protection you have from the outside is lessened and you are more likely to suffer from infection, long-term open wounds or scarring. Wound care helps to make sure that the skin recovers from such damage.

We work in partnership with you, helping you to look after your wounds and prevent the risk of future skin damage.

Our services include:

  • leg ulcer assessment and management
  • pressure ulcer assessment and management
  • prevention of pressure ulcers
  • advice on wound management (for example treatment and dressing choices).


You can be referred to the service by your consultant, GP, nurse or other healthcare professionals including podiatrists.  You have to be registered to a GP in Northumberland or North Tyneside or are receiving care in one of our hospitals.


Tissue Viability Service
Seaton Park Primary Care Centre
Nursery Park Branch
Nursery Park Road
NE63 0HP

Telephone: 01670 859 030 (Monday to Friday 9am- 5pm)

Online Consultation

Where appropriate you may be asked to attend a consultation online via a video call.

Rather than travelling to your appointment, you go into the clinic’s online ‘waiting area’. We will be notified when you arrive and your clinician will join you when ready

You don’t need to set up an account and no information you enter is stored.

If you have been given an online appointment please click on the following link to start the consultation at your appointment time – online consultation

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