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Cardiac Rehabilitation (Northumberland)

If you live in Northumberland and have recently had a heart attack or heart surgery our cardiac rehabilitation team can help you to recover.

We provide a programme of health advice, psychological support and exercise which will lower your chances of suffering a heart attack in the future.

It is delivered in four phases and during each phase there will be a qualified nurse available to give you all the advice or information you need.

Phase 1

In hospital we give you advice about any risk factors and guidance about your recovery. Information leaflets about the service are also provided.

Phase 2

After you come out of hospital you will be contacted by one of our district nurses who specialise in cardiac rehabilitation. We will arrange a suitable time to visit you at home and offer health education and support on a one to one basis. We will also give you more information about the next phases of the programme. If you haven’t heard anything after the first week of returning home from hospital, please call us on the contact details below.

Phase 3

This normally starts between two and four weeks after your heart attack/surgery and lasts for about eight weeks.  We provide a programme of health education, exercise and relaxation delivered in group sessions, normally at a local leisure centre. These sessions are staffed by our nurses, fitness instructors and physiotherapists. With venues across Northumberland you can pick the one that is best for you and are welcome to bring along a friend or relative.

Phase 4

After you have finished phase 3, we will talk to you about the support available to help you stay healthy. You will be able to attend our fitness classes and if you have chronic heart disease your GP will give you an annual check-up.


If you live in Berwick, Alnwick or Tynedale and would like more information please  Alice Whincup, primary care cardiac rehabilitation and vascular disease specialist nurse, on 01665 511 978 (Monday to Friday, 9 – 5pm).

If you live in Castle Morpeth, Blyth Valley, or Wansbeck and would like more information please contact Margaret Jamieson, primary care cardiac rehabilitation and vascular disease specialist nurse on 01670 629582 (Monday to Friday, 9 – 5pm).

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