Our stop smoking service has trained advisors who will offer free friendly support and advice to help you stop smoking. Your advisor can also recommend the most appropriate medication to help you deal with any cravings. 

Stopping smoking for 28 days or more means you’re five times more likely to stop for good and last year over 160,000 people successfully quit in the in the nation’s biggest mass participation stop smoking challenge ever.

The effects of smoking

Every time you smoke you damage your body. Over time the effects of smoking on your body can lead to serious health problems including cancer and heart disease.

Heart disease

Every time you smoke a cigarette you fill your lungs with carbon monoxide. Your body becomes short of oxygen and produces more red blood cells to compensate. This makes your blood thicker, places a strain on your heart and increases your risk of circulatory problems.

Lung cancer

Over 80% of all lung cancer deaths are caused by smoking. It’s the chemicals and compounds in tobacco smoke that make smoking so harmful. The more you smoke and the longer you smoke the greater your risk.

Respiratory disease

The major causes of respiratory diseases include chronic bronchitis, emphysema and chronic asthma, is smoking. Tobacco smoke ages your lungs making their function decline sooner.

Smoking while pregnant

Smoking during pregnancy has severe consequences on the unborn child and often results in low birth weight, premature delivery, and reduced lung development for the child. It increases the risk of respiratory disorders during early and teenage years. For information on free support available if you are pregnant and want to quit click here.

How we work

We run one-to-one sessions, support groups and drop-in sessions in a wide range of venues including GP practices, pharmacies and community centres in Northumberland. We also run a number of out-of-hours sessions for those who find it difficult to make sessions during the day as well as providing sessions in the workplace.

You can also be referred to our service by any health professional, or you can get more information at your GP practice or pharmacy.

Stop before your op

We encourage our patients to stop smoking before their operation and the sooner, the better. This helps to:

  • Reduce risk of complications and infections
  • Help the wound heal quicker
  • Get home earlier

Hear how Mandy quit smoking with our help before her operations and has remained smoke-free. Click here to watch Mandy's story.

Contact us

To make an appointment contact your local advisor during office hours, from 9.00am - 5.00pm, Monday to Friday. You can leave an answer phone message outside of these times and an advisor will get back to you.

Call us on 01670 813135.

There is also a free national helpline: 0800 022 4332.

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