The Telecare Service is an addition to the community alarm service provided by Valley Care for older and vulnerable people in Northumberland. Telecare equipment can detect specific events such as falls or the presence of smoke or gas in a person’s home, automatically raising the alarm so appropriate assistance can be provided.

How does it work?

‘Intelligent’ sensors are installed within a person’s home which can indicate if a person is in danger. The individual doesn’t need to take any action themselves for the telecare sensors to send the signal.

The signals go to the community alarm ‘lifeline unit’ which is connected by a conventional phone socket to a call centre where a trained operator receives the signal. The operator knows whose home the signal is from and can speak to the person. They will also know the telephone numbers of the person’s carers, relatives, GP and of the emergency services. They will take appropriate action and will stay on the line to offer reassuring advice until help arrives.

The team

The team is made up trained call handlers based in Northumberland.

Valley Care wardens, health and social care professionals can make referrals for Telecare equipment. This includes care managers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, keyworkers, specialist social workers, and district nurses.


If you think you would benefit from a Telecare Service, you can contact Valley Care on 01670 827 100. You can also speak to your care manager or any of the other health and social professionals who you are involved in your care.