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Chronic Pain Management

Chronic, or long term is pain which lasts longer than three months. If you suffer from chronic pain, our specialist service is here to support you and provide techniques to help you manage better in your day-to-day life.

Pain usually works as a warning signal and is  our body’s way of keeping us safe as it can stop us from overdoing things, or from doing anything that might make an injury worse.

Sometimes though problems can develop with this pain system. High levels of pain can continue even after an injury has healed, or normal activities might gradually become more painful. Usually when pain lasts for more than three months the problem that we have is not with an injury but with the pain system itself.

Unfortunately there is no cure for long-term pain. Sometimes it will settle with time but for the vast majority of people it will continue. However, the treatment we offer can help you to manage the pain on a day-to-day basis in a way that helps you to live as well as possible with pain.

There are a range of options which will be discussed at your appointment if they are appropriate to your condition. These include:


If you have a question or concern please contact the chronic pain nurse specialist on 01670 529540.

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