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Living with and beyond cancer

Living with and beyond cancer

Living with and beyond cancer is a program of care designed to help you from your day of diagnosis, throughout your treatment, and beyond. It aims to empower you to feel supported and informed so you can make choices that improve your wellbeing and help you manage your condition.

If you have had a cancer diagnosis, as well as the physical impact you may also have physical, mental, social, spiritual and practical needs that we can help support you with. By focusing on what is important to you, we can help you live a better quality, healthier life.

This includes:

Holistic needs assessment

As part of your care you will be offered an holistic needs assessment. This helps identify the things that matter to you and your family, no matter how small, so we can signpost you to the most appropriate service for support and advice.

You should be offered this within 31 days of your diagnosis. Please speak to the person responsible for your cancer care for more information.

Living well with and beyond cancer events

We run regular health and wellbeing events that you are encourage to attend before you have finished your treatment, and after.  They are an opportunity to get lots of advice and support to help you make choices that improve your wellbeing.

Together with well-established local organisations we can provide advice on a wide variety of topics and you can discover what facilities and services are available on our doorstep. The events cover topics such as:

  • Diet, exercise and general wellbeing including improving your mental wellbeing
  • Cancer awareness and managing  your symptoms
  • Volunteering and practical hobbies such as IT, gardening, photography and joinery
  • Financial advice and help with getting back to work
  • Support for carers

We will let you know when the next events are being held on this page.

If you’d like to come along  get in touch with us at 

Treatment summary review 

Within around 12 weeks of completing your treatment, you will be asked to attend a clinic to discuss what to expect moving forward. This includes the short and long term effects of treatment, awareness of symptoms, and what your follow up care will be, and who with.

Cancer care review

You will receive a cancer care review by either your GP or practice nurse within six months of your diagnosis.

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