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Self Directed Support

We aim to make sure that if you are ill or disabled you can get the support you need to continue to live at home and live life as you choose.

We encourage you to consider taking control of the arrangements for your own support. Self directed support is for people with longer term support needs and aims to give you greater choice and control over the support you receive. You are offered a personal budget which you are encouraged to manage yourself, or with help from family and friends, though we can also make arrangements on your behalf. Visit this link for more information

We want to help people stay living safely at home for as long as possible. If you’re struggling with any areas of living independently, there are a range of solutions to help you.

Adapting your home and equipment

Our occupational therapists can support people to regain their independence in a number of ways. This could be giving advice, arranging special equipment or adaptations to people’s homes. Visit this link for more information.

Day care

Our care managers can help you arrange day care if you need it to take part in social, leisure or educational activities, you can use a personal budget to arrange that.

These include traditional day care services or access to activities with the help of an enabler. Visit this link for more information

Personal care at home

Our care managers can arrange to help at home if you need help with tasks such as getting up, washing, dressing, and going to the toilet.

Employment and training

We offer support to disadvantaged or disabled adults to access employment, education and training opportunities. Visit this link for more information

Some people may be eligible for social care support with personal care, and equipment. If you need help to live at home contact Adult Social Care on 01670 536 400 or email to speak to us about a social care needs assessment.


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