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About adult social care

If you have had a serious accident or illness, you may need some short term support at home to help you recover. We can provide you with time limited care and rehabilitation in your own home through our short term support services.

Many people will only need short term support. However, if you need continuing support, help is available from our community health services such as district nursing, arranged through your GP, and from adult social care.

Anyone who needs care and support has a right to advice or a needs assessment. When we assess your needs, we will consider all the help that you need, whether you are asking us to fund it, paying for it yourself, or planning to get it from a family member or friend.

Social and healthcare staff, including social workers, community nurses, and occupational therapists, work closely together to support people to remain in their own home for as long as possible, assessing their needs, planning any interventions and bringing in services as appropriate both for you and for the person who looks after you.

We encourage you to consider taking control of the arrangements for your own support. This can include taking control of the money to pay for it. Most people will still need to pay at least part of the cost of social care support – but NHS support is free, and if your primary need is for health support, you may be eligible to have all your support paid for by the NHS.

We provide adult social care on behalf of Northumberland County Council. The majority of information about services and support is available on Northumberland County Council website.


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