What support would I be expected to provide?

As a Shared Lives carer we expect you to offer both accommodation and support to someone and share your home with them.

The support you provide may include: 

  • personal care, like washing and dressing
  • emotional support
  • helping the person you are caring for manage their money
  • helping them take their medication
  • helping them with cooking and cleaning
  • encouraging them to be independent.
What experience and qualifications do I need?

You don’t need a specific qualification when you apply to become a Shared Lives carer, but as part of the process to become a carer you will have to: 

  • attend training courses
  • have a DBS check (a check by the Disclosure and Barring service)
  • have your home checked for health and safety.


How will I know we are right for each other?

Matching you to the right person or people is the key to a successful Shared Lives relationship. Everyone is different, so we will talk to you to find out the things that are important to you and the people living in your home. We will try and find people to suit you and your lifestyle. We will arrange for you to spend some time together with the person before they move into your home. 

What are the rewards?

As a Shared Lives carer you will:

  • be self-employed and will work from home
  • have a weekly allowance of £407.65 while someone is staying with you
  • not be taxed for most of your income
  • have three weeks’ paid holiday a year
  • get continuous support and guidance from us
  • have regular training, and support meetings with other Shared Lives carers.


Is there support for Shared Lives carers?

You won’t be on your own - each Shared Lives carer is supported by a Shared Lives worker to give you the support you need to be a carer.  Click on Support to Shared Lives Carers for more information.

How do I apply?

If you would like to become a Shared Lives carer, please click on the ‘Becoming a carer’ to find out more and complete an application form.