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Northumbria’s hip fracture care wins national award

Friday, 08 May, 2015
Northumbria’s hip fracture care wins national award

Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust has won a prestigious national award for work to improve the quality of care of patients who suffer a broken hip across Northumberland and North Tyneside.

Consultant surgeon Dominic Inman and his team won the British Medical Journal’s (BMJ) patient safety award for the trust’s Hip Quality Improvement Programme which has ultimately saved more lives and provided better outcomes for patients.

The BMJ Awards are the UK’s premier medical awards programme which recognise and celebrate the inspirational work done by doctors and their teams.

Across the UK up to 75,000 people, most of them elderly, suffer a hip fracture every year, often as a result of a fall. Some people find it hard to recover from a broken hip and up to one in three people die within 12 months of fracturing their hip.

Since the trust’s programme was launched in 2010, there have been immense benefits to patients which have resulted in fewer deaths, safer care and much improved patient experience and pain management.

The trust is amongst the best in the country for getting people with broken or fractured hips into theatre for their surgery quicker – which greatly improves clinical outcomes, and gets patients back on their feet, and recovering sooner.

The programme focuses on the whole patient pathway from the moment patients arrive at hospital, throughout surgery and during their recovery on the ward, and at home.

This has involved multi-disciplinary teams in hospital and the community working together to deliver high quality care, effective rehabilitation and continued support. On the wards, nutrition assistants have been appointed to give patients additional feeding each day which helps improve hydration and nutrition during the healing process.

This is the fourth time the programme has been recognised on a national stage after being featured in The National Hip Fracture Database in 2011, winning a Patient Experience Award in 2012 and a NHS Employers Compassion in Practice Award last year.

The prestigious award comes as the trust’s orthopaedic team – the largest and busiest in the North East – hosted a visit from top North American and Canadian surgeons to hear about the high quality care being delivered to patients and see the first-class facilities for patients.

Mr Inman said: “When a patient suffers a broken hip, more often than not as a result of a fall, it is extremely serious and in many cases can prove to be fatal.

“We are committed to doing everything we can to deliver the best, person-centred and compassionate care to these patients who are often elderly, and some of our most vulnerable.

“Over the last few years we have made great strides to improve the care we deliver to save more lives and help people make better recoveries. We are delighted that five years after its launch, our work is still being recognised on a national stage for the benefits it is bringing to patients.

“I would like to thank everyone involved in the project for their continued dedication and hard work.

“Alongside the clinical outcomes of the programme, we have also received positive feedback from patients and their families, not only praising the care they have been given but telling us how that’s helped them to regain their independence which is fantastic.”

Judges praised the trust for focussing on a pathway of care ‘which is often overlooked’.

They paid tribute to the fact that patients were at the heart of the project and said the principles demonstrated ‘should be should be within the fabric of every healthcare organisation’.