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Northumbria 2023: Investing in care, investing in patients

Wednesday, 11 July, 2018
Northumbria 2023: Investing in care, investing in patients

Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust announces £150million investment across its sites by 2023

Northumbria Healthcare used its 2017/18 annual members meeting (AGM) to announce its plan for the next five years which includes £150million investment in buildings, IT infrastructure and equipment.

The development – designed to ensure continued and on-going modernisation of care, equipment and skills – is made possible due to the trust’s on-going budget surplus, commercial activities and the willingness of its staff to continually innovate; embracing change for the benefit of patients.

Like every NHS organisation we’ve rightly had to innovate and make savings in recent years,” said chief executive Jim Mackey, “but every day we still spend £1.4million caring for patients and their families. Yet this money is meaningless unless we spend it right – the NHS is ever changing and so must we.

“Historically healthcare used to focus on the clinical setting – on doctors, nurses and hospitals – but today that’s no longer the right approach. Today more and more care can be provided in the comfort, privacy and safety of someone’s home. Equally, there is quite rightly a greater focus on prevention of illness in the first place; keeping people healthier for longer.

“It will be a challenge and we can’t do it alone – which is why having the passionate support of our partners and community is so important.”

In all over £92million will spent on buildings – including driving forward a new hospital for Berwick and on-going investment at both North Tyneside and Wansbeck general hospitals. The Northumbria (Cramlington) will see a brand new ambulatory care centre so those who need help but don’t require an overnight stay can be seen faster. It will also help The Northumbria hospital keep its place as a world leader in emergency medicine – caring for the very sickest patients and continuing to set the standard for excellence nationally.

New equipment – £23million – will be purchased; driving down waiting times for a range of procedures. This will include a new CT scanner at Hexham, £600,000 for new x-ray equipment at Alnwick, Morpeth, North Tyneside & Wansbeck and new equipment – such as new operating tables, state-of-the-art medical instruments and new sterilising equipment – for both surgical theatres and pathology.

The digital revolution is critical to improving care – from communication between clinicians to how you interact with your doctor – so £35million will be invested in the latest technologies. Technology that makes the care a patient receives safer, quicker and more efficient – technology that has already enabled over a million safety checks to be carried out without a single sheet of paper being used.

Jim Mackey concluded:

“Now in its 70th year, the NHS continues to touch our lives in many different ways and remains one of our most loved national institutions. It’s a very exciting time to work here as healthcare changes in ways we would never have expected even ten years ago.

“Thanks to this programme and these investments we are ensuring that the NHS will still be supporting our communities 70 years from now. Moreover, as a result of the care our staff delivers to every single resident who needs it – irrespective of means – will be living a healthier life for longer.

“Which is why we’re here after all.”

Missed the meeting? You can see the whole event here courtesy of Hexham TV (@hexhamtv )

Watch the AGM of #NorthumbriaNHSFoundationTrust which took place on 11th July 2018. Big Investments in MRI and CT scanners at #HexhamHospital mentioned by the end of this financial year. Also huge investment in IT and other equipment Trust wide.#NHS #NHSEngland Northumberland County Council NHS Northumberland CCG #HexhamTownCouncil #Hexham #Northumberland Healthwatch Northumberland Carers Northumberland Age UK Northumberland #Health

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