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Northumberland woman quits smoking thanks to service

Tuesday, 25 October, 2016
Northumberland woman quits smoking thanks to service

A Northumberland woman has successfully quit smoking after 43 years.

Liz Hope, from Berwick, quit this year with support from the Northumberland Stop Smoking Service. She attended weekly stop smoking clinics in Tweedmouth where staff supported her with a personal quit plan, including prescription treatments to help beat cravings.

Liz said: “When I first started smoking at 18, it felt like the grown-up thing to do, there was peer pressure and you could smoke anywhere, even sitting at your desk at work.

“I’ve been smoke-free now for more than a couple of months, I still miss the cigarettes but I feel much healthier, and wealthier too.”

Liz, who works at Berwick Library, which is managed by Active Northumberland, explained: “The stop smoking service was brilliant; they kept me motivated and really helped with the challenge of giving up. It wasn’t easy and you really have to want to do it but I would recommend contacting the stop smoking service for advice if you want to become smoke-free.”

The Northumberland NHS Stop Smoking Service is provided by Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. Clinics are available in a range of venues including GP practices, pharmacies and community centres. Some out-of-hours clinics are also available for those who find it difficult to attend appointments during the day.

Gillian Emmerson, public health nurse lead in Northumbria Healthcare’s specialist health improvement service, urged people to get in contact to find out more about quitting smoking.

She said: “Liz has done so well and I hope this encourages other smokers to come to the service for support and advice.

“We know you are four times more likely to stop smoking if you get support from an NHS stop smoking advisor. People accessing the service can expect to benefit from free expert NHS advice and a personalised quit plan, as well as prescription treatments to help beat cravings.

“If you want to stop smoking and are considering using an e-cigarette, or are confused about which products are licensed as medicines and what to do about your smoking, then we are here to support you.

“Our NHS stop smoking service advisors can help you decide on the best evidence-based treatment and tailor a support package just for you.”

Liz used a non-nicotine medication which is a 12-week course of tablets used to help adults stop smoking. The medication helps reduce the craving and withdrawal symptoms associated with stopping smoking.

It is one of a range of treatments people can access when they contact their local NHS Stop Smoking Service for support.

For more information on stopping smoking and Northumberland NHS Stop Smoking Service call 01670 813135 or visit