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Major fall for teenage pregnancy rates in Northumberland

Thursday, 03 July, 2014
Major fall for teenage pregnancy rates in Northumberland

Teenage pregnancy rates in Northumberland have been slashed by a third, according to the latest figures from the Office of National Statistics.

The conception rate for people under 18 in the county between 1998 and 2012 has dropped 32% to 28.4 per 1,000 conceptions, which is lower than the national average.

Northumberland’s figures for 2012 also show a 12.6% reduction from the previous year.

Karen Herne, public health service manager from Northumberland County Council which commissions community sexual health services and educational programmes in Northumberland, said: “We are delighted that the proactive work taking place to improve access to services and preventative work being provided within schools and young people settings is helping to tackle unplanned teenage pregnancy.

“Engaging and resourcing services in a multi-agency way helps us work more effectively with young people and endorses the public health ethos that prevention of an unplanned pregnancy being a better outcome than managing the long-term consequences.”

The council has been working closely with Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust which provides sexual health services across the county, on a joint strategy to reduce teenage conceptions since 1998.

The strategy prioritises reducing teenage conceptions and includes initiatives working into county schools and colleges, providing sex and relationships education, and outreach work with young people in order to improve access to confidential contraception services and information.

Jane Telfer, health improvement specialist for teenage pregnancy at Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, added: “By listening to young people we have been able to develop sexual health services to meet their needs and work towards addressing this complex issue.

“As well as delivering specialist sexual health services for young people and making these more accessible, we do a lot of preventative work to encourage young people to have healthy lifestyles and to make informed decisions.

“The new figures show us that effective guidance and support makes a real difference to maintaining and increasing reductions in teenage conception rates.”

The trust also provides additional services including pregnancy options for young people and support for teenagers to ensure their families have the best start in life.

For more information on sexual health services for young people which are available throughout Northumberland call 01670 51 51 51 or visit