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Our Healing Arts Programme

For the past fifteen years, our charity has funded the development of an award-winning ‘healing arts programme’ which uses art as a therapeutic medium to improve the quality of our patient environments.

We know from research that this has a hugely important positive impact on recovery for our patients and supports the healing process.

We work with students from local schools, colleges and universities who are studying art, architecture or interior design and give young people the chance to help us enhance our patient environments.

We also work closely with artists and photographers in the region, many of whom have donated artwork or photographs, or provided them to us on long term loan, to be displayed around our hospitals and community sites.

Most recently, we joined forces with Music in Hospitals to promote the inclusion of musical entertainment in healthcare settings which have proved immensely popular with our older patients.

You can help support all of these fantastic initiatives by simply making a donation today.

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