Image: Charitable donations paid for a biopsy machine to detect cancer

Benefiting patients 

The donations we receive are used for a wide variety of projects to benefit patients. If you would like to make a donation please visit our Just Giving page.
During the past year (2014/15) the charity received £543,000 in donations. We’re very grateful for all the support so a very big thank you to everyone who has generously contributed to the charity in some way. 
Donations are often made to say thank you to staff for the care and support received whilst in hospital. Some people choose to donate to a particular service or ward. However, many people decide to make a general donation to the charity which goes into the hospital charity development group and can be used where it is most needed. Members of staff are involved in this process and are able to put forward ideas for projects which they know will benefit patients in our hospitals. The Charity Board ensures that donations are used to maximum effect. For example, donations have made it possible to purchase a £100,000 endobronchial ultrasound which helps provide fast and accurate lung cancer diagnosis.
The charity has also enabled us to focus on listening to patients and improving the experience they have with us. It supported the development of the stroke patient focus group where patients come together to share their experiences and suggest improvements to services to our clinicians. This forward thinking approach to patient care has seen us receive nominations for a number of Patient Experience Network awards, and receiving an award for our stroke volunteer support programme.