Image: by Bill Stephens

Our charity funded healing arts programme uses art to improve the patient environment.

We know from research that the quality of a patient’s environment can have an impact on their recovery. We aim to provide environments for our patients which support the healing process.

For the past fifteen years, our charity has funded the development of an award-winning healing arts programme which uses art as a therapeutic medium to improve the environment for patients and staff.

This has involved a collaboration with arts students from local colleges and universities including Northumbria and Teesside universities. Architectural and interior design students have worked with us on specific projects such as the Wansbeck Oasis, a peaceful room away from the ward environment for the relatives of patients who are approaching the end of their lives.

The project is also part of our outreach programme which involves working with local schools and art communities in the region. A wide range of art has been donated or provided on long term loan to our hospitals by local artists and photographers which has improved the appearance and feel of our hospitals.

The arts programme has inspired a number of award-winning projects such as the Teardrop Garden at Wansbeck General Hospital which provides a pleasant space to go to away from the hospital environment.

If you would like to find out more about our healing arts programme and how you could get involved please contact Katie Dawson on 0191 2031354 or email



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Art is displayed in our hospitals to improve the environment for patients.

If you would like to be involved please contact Katie Dawson on 0191 2031354.

Find out about our latest exhibitions on our news page or visit our gallery page .