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Father quits smoking for his son

Wednesday, 08 March, 2017
Father quits smoking for his son

A Northumberland man has successfully quit smoking after 29 years to stay healthy for his son.

Marcus Gunn, 43, from Dudley stopped smoking with support from the Northumberland NHS Stop Smoking service. He attended sessions at the Cramlington clinic where he discussed options with the staff on how to stop.

Marcus’s wife was pregnant and the main drive was that he wanted to be fit enough to play golf with his son when he was older.

Marcus, who is now the proud father of Oliver, said: “I started smoking when I was 14 and as I got older the amount increased to 40 a day.

“When I first started smoking there was peer pressure but as time went on my family encouraged me to stop smoking. I was beginning to have difficulty breathing and felt a lot older than I was. When my wife became pregnant I knew it was time to stop.”

Marcus said: “I’ve been smoke-free now since Boxing Day and I feel much healthier. I am also saving enough money to take my wife and our new baby boy Oliver on holiday.

“The stop smoking service was brilliant; they really helped with the challenge of giving up. Initially we chatted about options, once I made the decision of which route to take I would pop in every couple of weeks for support. I would 100% recommend contacting the Stop Smoking Service for advice if you want to become smoke-free.”

The Northumberland NHS Stop Smoking Service is provided by Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.  Clinics are available in a range of venues including GP practices, pharmacies and community centres. Some out of hours clinics are also available for those who find it difficult to attend appointments during the day.

Gillian Emmerson, specialist health improvement service public health nurse lead at Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, is encouraging people to get in contact to find out more about quitting smoking.

She said: “With No Smoking Day on 8 March there is no better time to take the first step in quitting smoking for good.

“We know you are four times more likely to stop smoking if you get support from an NHS stop smoking adviser. People accessing the service can expect to benefit from free expert NHS advice and a personalised quit plan, as well as prescription treatments to help beat cravings.

“Our NHS Stop Smoking Service advisors can help you decide on the best evidence-based treatment and tailor a support package just for you.”

Councillor Susan Dungworth, cabinet member for adult care and public health at Northumberland County Council, said: “We understand that the majority of smokers want to stop smoking, but many find it very difficult. No Smoking Day is the perfect opportunity to help smokers in Northumberland to quit for good.

“Smokers are more likely to succeed in their quit attempt if they receive support. That is why we are backing No Smoking Day and highlighting the range of local services and resources available.”

Marcus used a non-nicotine medication which is a 12-week course of tablets used to help adults stop smoking. The medication helps reduce the craving and withdrawal symptoms associated with stopping smoking.

It is one of a range of treatments people can access when they contact their local NHS Stop Smoking Service for support.

For more information on stopping smoking and Northumberland NHS Stop Smoking Service call 01670 813135 or click here.