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Why the change

Seeing the right specialist in an emergency can greatly improve your chance of survival and making a better recovery.

With this in mind, we wanted a hospital where emergency care consultants were on duty 24/7 and specialists in a range of conditions were also working seven days a week. The Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital is the first purpose built hospital of its kind in England to have this level of medical cover.

There are benefits for our general hospitals too. Separating serious emergencies from planned care will mean patients attending for planned operations, tests, and outpatient clinic appointments won't have their care affected by the need to prioritise seriously ill emergency patients.

Our general hospitals will become centres of excellence for care and treatment that is planned. They will also continue to provide walk-in services for urgent but less serious conditions.

Our community hospitals will continue to provide the services they do currently.



Emergency care consultants on site
Specialists working 7 days a week
Planned care provided at general and community hospitals
Walk-in services for urgent care